6 Stunning Ideas for a Pool Side Wedding

Have you decided on a poolside wedding?

Then you have already chosen a crystalline canvas to add as the backdrop to your important day.

But like most couples, you might be getting cold feet on this choice. As you feel that you have no idea how to utilize the venue to its full potential.

Fret not!

Here are some great ideas you can use for the day you tie the knot:

1. Love Floats

The shimmering pool gives you a vast space to throw in the décor. The only condition is that it must float! Your first pick must be the seasonal flower petals blanketing the aqua blue surface.

Or you can raise the bar by designing detailed floats that have flowers and intricate details adorning it. They will add a delicately elegant touch to the venue.

2. Light up Your World

Use a décor that literally brightens your day. We are talking about floating candles, lanterns, twinkling lights, and gorgeous chandeliers. You can use these pieces for a wedding that makes the most of sunsets and dusky skies.

3. Walk on Top of Water

You can literally accomplish this feat by having an aisle structured on top of the pool. This helps you to use the watery space in between. It also creates a magical scene for the guests present on the sidelines.

4. Beach Vibes

Break the traditions and inculcate your ‘carefree spirit’ in a beach or tropical themed party. Tell the guests to bring swimsuits along for a post-wedding dive. You can use palm trees, animal floats, pineapples, and coconuts for this wedding.

5. Love ‘to Infinity and Beyond’

Ditch the basic pools and opt for an infinity pool. It makes for a stunning backdrop and an amazing metaphor for the vows you take on this auspicious day.

6. Color Me Crazy

A poolside wedding means that you have a flexible color palette at your disposal. You can pick the traditional neutrals like pearly whites, floral pinks, and baby blues. Or add a vibrant touch by picking deep plush colors that contrast against the glittering pool.

So, are you ready to make a big splash on your big day?