Did you know? Fall themed weddings are the easiest to decorate?

This is because nature is already blooming with crispy shades of ochre, bronze, rust and other autumnal colors. Hence, you already get a backdrop of some warm tones to conjure up a wedding decoration palette.

Here are a handful of innovative decoration ideas that you can use for your wedding this fall:

1.  A Rustling Aisle

Instead of a red carpet or those lacey fabrics, use nature as your aisle runner. Opt for an ombre shaded aisle by covering the aisle with dried autumnal leaves. This will ensure that all eyes will be on the aisle when you make your grand entrance.

2.  Pumpkins Galore

Who says pumpkins are just for Halloween?

Drop the stereotypes and decorate your wedding venue with bright orange colored pumpkins. Use them as candle holders or carve your love story in their wide bellies.

3.  Bedazzle and Bejeweled

Deck out the venue in rich luxurious shades of jewel stones. You can choose anything from ruby reds, sapphire blues, emerald greens or dazzling amethysts.

4. (De) lighted Decadence

Autumn is the month for juicy rich apples and you can use this fact to your advantage. Use these nutritious fruits in your venue as tea candles, place cards or hanging ornaments. Not only will they look good, but they will smell divine too!

5.  Foliage Frenzy

Skip floral decor and opt for the foliage that enlivens this season. String some leaves together and sue them as garlands for the main tables.  Or you can use pinecones and autumnal leaves as your centerpieces instead of fresh flowers.

6.  All Tied Up

Decorate the venue with twine and lace to give it an old school vibe. While the delicate laces add a feminine touch to the venue, the sturdy twines will symbolize the unbreakable bond you two share.

In the end, all you really need to decorate your fall wedding is a bit of imagination. Once you have picked a theme, use what you see around you as the medium to adorn the venue. Then see the magic of the season happen on your big day!